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I received my bachelor’s degree in Literature from Hofstra University and a master’s degree in Television/Video Production from Emerson College. I have had short stories published in the Wilderness House Literary Review and Grub Street. Currently, I am a stay at home mom raising four children, a dog, a cat and a husband. I fear birds, anything with the potential to cause fire, and Disney World. I love scary movies, books with ambiguous endings and all things dark, absurd and funny. My greatest accomplishment to date, excluding bringing four amazing people into the world, was a kind rejection letter comparing my work to A.M. Homes and Richard Yates. I refer to it often. 

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  1. SSS is funny,weird and very interesting. Looking forward to next blog. BTW, I also fear and dislike BIRDS-Yuk!!

  2. Thanks so much JJ!!! I'll have a new post up soon.

  3. Why do these comments skip from 2015 directly to 2020??
    Is there a mystery worth solving here?

  4. Just read your article about what you learned while being a cashier. It seems you really didn't learn enough. Instead of learning not to judge people, you simply switched from looking down at the store workers to being contemptuous of the customers. You constantly remind the reader: you are more than just a cashier, much more! Okay, I believe it. How about applying that logic to other people? The guy on the phone who didn't validate your writing career - perhaps he was furiously multitasking in between two different jobs, or perhaps he is extremely shy, or just perhaps it isn't all about you? The rude woman in the store - that is unfortunate, but she may have had a terrible day herself, or is rude to everyone, including her family. And which is worse, her rudeness to your co-worker, or your continual job shirking whenever you feel ashamed or embarrassed, meaning a day ending in 'y'? I would rather have a co-worker who is rude but efficient than one who malingers. What is so odd about all of it, is that your self-pity seems completely misplaced. Much of your predicament stems from your choices: 1)to live in an affluent nabe; 2)to have four kids; 3)to forgo a career. I am NOT condemning you for your choices, not at all, I am criticizing your denial of the consequences of your decisions. Many of your co-workers don't have your education and perhaps could not have even made many of the choices that you did. They seem to go through the day without tearful meltdowns. You have all of this education - unlike many people working retail jobs. You have choices. Please stop the self-pity.

  5. Nicole,
    I found your article on being a cashier very uplifting and a great reflection of the struggles/solutions many of us deal with as we move through the various stages of life. Everyone has challenges in life and how these challenges are dealt with separates the inspirational from the rest. Good piece of writing that demonstrates your strength and wherewithal. Continue to enjoy life to the fullest.

  6. Agree with Deborah P. Read the article hoping to gain some insight but came away thinking you were just wallowing in self-pity and entitlement. Furthermore there was no recognition of the skills needed to perform these retail jobs. There are plenty of hard workers out there who can memorize all the codes, process the items quickly and engage in conversation/provide great customer satisfaction. You may have developed some affinity for these people as human beings but you show no understanding of nor ability to do the hard work required.


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