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I received my bachelor’s degree in Literature from Hofstra University and a master’s degree in Television/Video Production from Emerson College. I have had short stories published in the Wilderness House Literary Review and Grub Street. Currently, I am a stay at home mom raising four children, a dog, a cat and a husband. I fear birds, anything with the potential to cause fire, and Disney World. I love scary movies, books with ambiguous endings and all things dark, absurd and funny. My greatest accomplishment to date, excluding bringing four amazing people into the world, was a kind rejection letter comparing my work to A.M. Homes and Richard Yates. I refer to it often. 

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  1. SSS is funny,weird and very interesting. Looking forward to next blog. BTW, I also fear and dislike BIRDS-Yuk!!

  2. Thanks so much JJ!!! I'll have a new post up soon.


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