How the Fu*k Do We Potty Train Again?

Recently the two-year-old began potty training, a tricky endeavor that I've never seemed to master in my ten plus years of parenting. Each time I am faced with the idea of it I realize I have no damn clue. How the hell did I do this last time, I ask myself as I pull out the pink princess potty and rinse it off. 

A 1987 8th Grade Fantasy: Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

Picture it....1987--Revere, Massachusetts. I was 12, it was a summer day. August 21st to be exact. I walked to the movie theater because back then that's what kids did. It was that or taking the bus, because I was also a city kid. I went with my best friend. The two of us were going to see a new movie called Dirty Dancing.

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