5 Reasons Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Is Creepier Than A David Lynch Film

This weekend we tripped across Mister Rogers on Netflix. We had some great bonding time and introduced our first born, age 10, to one of our childhood mainstays. Fred Rogers taught kids lessons, shared the neighborhood of make believe, and welcomed us into his own neighborhood with a quick change and a song. But, as adults, things aren't quite as we remembered them in Mister R.'s neighborhood. In fact, when viewed through jaded, cynical and experienced adult eyes, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood is creepier than any David Lynch film. You remember him? He's the guy who created Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet

1,354 Things You Find in the Guts of a Mother Purse

With Halloween fast approaching I am all about gross and scary, and there is nothing more disgusting and frightening than the innards of a mother purse. If you are like me, you won't change out purses for occasions (as our grandmothers used to). 

The Time I Spotted My Dead Rock Star Crush

I am the lizard king, I can do anything-
Jim Morrison (The Doors)

I was a high school sophomore and I was in love. Many of you remember the pulse-pounding, butterflies in belly, wow, do I always sweat this much feeling. You picture yourself with your crush doing all the things lovers do--eating pizza at the Papa Gino's down the street, getting drunk at high school dances after sneaking the liquor in with the help of some rinsed-out travel shampoo bottles, french kissing and maybe (depending on the type of girl you were) doing other stuff. 

A Return to 1980's Scare Tactic Parenting: YOU'LL DIE!!

As a mother trying to parent in the 21st century, I do my best to warn my kids of the dangers out there in the world. Today with the advent of a digital network that connects the entire world in seconds, our new reality is a cozy place where people (even the dangerous sort) have access to our children.

When I think of this I begin to wonder....

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